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Quotes received from our users - compliments and opinions:

Jon Faltis (jonfaltis at[edit]

I am at the ASU School of Business (School of Accountancy and Information Management) completing an Oracle assignment. I was getting a simple error (ORA-01722) because I was inputting records in the incorrect order. I typed into the phrase "ORA-01722" and got your website as the #1 match. Within seconds I was able to correct my relatively simple problem. I just wanted to say thank you for this website... it helped me a lot.

Stephanie Palmer - (spalmer at[edit]

OraFAQ will sometime have the down and dirty quick answer when everything else is overwhelming.

Kris Valiente (krisv at[edit]

Your site rocks!!!

Khalid - (kmohammed1075 at[edit]

Dear Guys, Thank you for a great site! When I browse metalink, all that stuff is too technical for me - a beginning DBA - but the stuff on this site is much more friendly, has more features and is much better organized. Keep it up!

Martin Cabrera (martin.cabrera at[edit]

I wish to thank you for the ORAFAQ web site. It is extremely useful and well organized. I used to be a DBA 3 years ago, and I'm back on the job for the past week. I believe in this week I saved at least a month of work with your site.

Oracle Update Magazine ([edit]

This site, maintained by Frank Naudé in Pretoria, South Africa and mirrored in Germany, Japan and the United States, has to rate at the top of any list of Oracle related sites. The name is a little misleading because there is a lot more here than just a FAQ list. It is jam-packed with useful information on almost every Oracle product, with contributions from many sources. The list of links to other Oracle related sites is extremely well organized and must be the most comprehensive anywhere on the web.

Bernadette Namauleg (BNamauleg at[edit]

I just found your library of sql examples, and wanted you to know that all your work is really appreciated. I have been building web pages for the last three years, and found that my oracle skill had become rusty, but your library has been helpful.

Jim Rath (james.rath at[edit]

I just wanted to thank you for the Oracle documentation you posted on the web. They are an excellent source of quick/concise information for Oracle/Unix guys like myself. Much better than wasting an hour looking through one of those Oracle Bibles.

Richard Murnane (rmurnane at[edit]

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your scripts listing at ORAFAQ. Your "List segments with more than 200 Meg of free DB Blocks" script just saved me about 1G of disk! Thanks again...

S. Badrinath (sbadrinath at[edit]

I am very much attracted towards this excellent facility provided over the Net. I thank and congratulate all the team members who are working on it for their invaluable support offered. I hope we will get continued support for the years to come. Maybe we can someday make an entry in the Oxford dictionary: "rdbms=ORACLE"